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Alabama's free community events platform for creative professionals. 

CoWorking Night is a free weekly conference where professionals come to learn, connect, and collaborate.  Anyone of any age or background is welcome to attend. No RSVP is required; just show up!


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Each week, we host 6-10 different workshops in disciplines ranging from Design and Marketing, to Writing, Photography, Software, Hardware, Startups, etc. See our weekly schedule of workshops on the Schedule page.

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CoWorking Night is the place to meet and engage with Alabama's brightest innovators. Skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and eager beginners meet here each and every week.


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Working on a startup? Maybe just trying to find time for a personal project? Guests bring their friends and cofounders, laptops and paper, and co-work on projects, startups, and ideas.

Groups & Workshops

Each week, CoWorking Night hosts a number of groups that meet to explore an array of topics and professional disciplines. We call the events that groups organize at CoWorking Night "workshops," for which there are 24 of them and counting.


"CoWorking Night is where I love get stuff done."


We are community-driven and community-focused.

Whether you're interested in attending, leading a workshop, or becoming a partner...

We've got you covered!


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Weekly conferences take place in Huntsville and Birmingham.

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From 6-11pm, professionals meet to learn & collaborate together during workshops hours or work alongside others on independent projects.

No RSVP required
Just show up!

It's free, fun and 100% for you.

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We thrive on learning, collaboration & networking.

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Workshops are designed to provide an educational resource to UE Community™ members as a way of developing their professional skills.

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CoWorking Night™ is a localized program dedicated to providing uniquely collaborative opportunities for professionals & entrepreneurs.

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