LeanIn Circle for Women


CoWorking LeanIn Circle Goals:

  • Provide a local support group and professional network of women who encourage and challenge each other to move beyond perceived limitations and achieve personal satisfaction.

  • Help individual members think through next professional steps to capitalize on what feeds our spirits

  • Focus on ways to ensure work/life balance, creative outlets, and continued personal and professional growth

  • Provide encouragement for the development of new skills across multiple dimensions, to include social, leadership, technical, and professional

  • Share creative ideas to project our most authentic, strongest selves, modeling our own unique definitions of success and living our values in every interaction

CoWorking LeanIn Circle Values:

  • Provide a safe space to share challenges, fears, and dreams. No judgments! 

  • Be inclusive and provide equal time for all members, where no one member dominates the discussion or agenda.

  • Maintain a positive outlook and supportive tone. 

  • Commit to open communication, active listening, and honest feedback.

  • Share creative ideas to project our most authentic, strongest selves.

Lori Asburry